Total Finder

Universal GPS tracking unit for long-term monitoring with extreme battery life, easy and secure installation by strong magnets.



  • Location and tracking at preselected time intervals
  • Monitoring of temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration and tilting
  • G-shock detection
  • Easy installation by extremely strong magnets
  • Special holder for secure installation available
  • Charging by USB
  • Battery life up to 6 years (primary batteries, 1 position a day)


  • Exact position of GPS and Glonass satellite systems
  • GSM cell ID and signal strength
  • Speed and direction of movement
  • Temperature, air pressure, humidity, tilting
  • Vibration histogram
  • Battery voltage and status


Watch your vehicle location in real-time. Set up your own geofence and get a notification in case of entering/leaving. Be informed immediately in the event of a collision, accident or towing of the vehicle.

Rail Cars

Have all information about your wagons and locomotives under control, in one place, anywhere and anytime. TotalFinder watches car location, internal or external environment, notifies you with any issues and let you know when the car needs maintenance.

Light Aircraft

Our devices can monitor even in the air. Hobby pilots use our GPS trackers particularly for 3D replay of former trips, security in hangars, and to keep track of necessary maintenance.


Watch any consignments - boxes, containers, trailers and other cargo. You can easily attach the device to any iron surface via strong industrial magnets, or just put the tracker inside the box. Tracking of parcels have never been easier.

Agro and Construction Machinery

Make sure your heavy equipment works on the most efficient manner. How long has it been used last week? Is it well garaged when not used? Does it need any maintenance in the upcoming days?