Electronic monitoring of railway cars

  • Where is the wagon?
  • How many km has it gone?
  • Are the wagons connecting at a speed that does not affect the wear of buffers?
  • Is the wagon moving?
  • Is the wagon approaching target station?
  • Are the tracks in good state?
  • How can I inform the customer in right time?


These and other questions are daily posed by wagon keepers, wagon lessors or railway companies. Online monitoring of assets which don’t have their own power supply is problem mostly because wagons are “in the field” for months or years and there is no way how to maintenance external batteries.


Thanks to the solution from Level Systems you can have all necessary information in real time every day 24/7 from every asset in your fleet. Our devices has extreme battery capacity and can last up to 6 years.


  • GPS / GSM location
  • Detailed Logbook
  • Geozone with notofications of entering, leaving or failing to arrive
  • Analysis from geozones
  • Overview of mileage through countries
  • Motion notifications
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity or air pressure
  • Speed information and limits
  • Monitoring of vibrations (bad tracks)
  • G-shock detection up to 8G
  • Maintenance notification (km, date)
  • Low battery alert
  • Detection of device removal from the wagon
  • Navigation to the asset

Wagon monitoring service is combination of the GPS tracking units AxleRing or TotalFinder and our monitoring platform Positrex))). Together it brings complete solution for railway industry. We are very flexible and we can prepare customized solution which will meet your needs.