Waste management

Is the container in the right place?
Is it moving or stationary?
Is the container being tampered with?
How long has the container been in place?
What was the transport route of the container?

An affordable solution for your business to have a digital overview of the bins and containers distributed. View them all at once on a map, track their distribution, monitor drivers, schedule returns and much more. Our solution helps waste management companies and municipal authorities track the movement of their assets, resulting in significant cost savings.

Real-time tracking and unlimited history

Track all your cars in real time, on one map. Save time with an electronic logbook that can be exported to any format. Receive notifications when a car enters or leaves a monitored area (e.g. parking lot, warehouse or building area).

Smart security

Be aware of tampering with the collection vehicle or container. Share your data with the police and make their job easier. Call your insurance company and ask for a discount on your premium, which you should be entitled to thanks to electronic monitoring.

Vehicle condition monitoring

Monitor vehicle consumption and optimise delivery routes. Manage your maintenance log and receive automatic alerts for scheduled inspections or repairs. Monitor driver behaviour and avoid wild driving that wears out the vehicle many times faster.

  • GPS / GSM localization
  • Speed monitoring and over speed alerts
  • Unlimited logbook
  • Geofences – monitored areas (e.g. depot) with automatic alerts when the vehicle enters or exits
  • Precise entry of the collection vehicle and monitoring of downtime with the engine running
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of the container load compartment by external sensors
  • Shock and vibration monitoring
  • Automatic maintenance reminders
  • Low battery warning
  • Detailed statistics for better evaluation of operations

Recommended products

Battery device with up to several years of battery life on a single charge. Suitable for cars, vans and trucks.

The fixed installation unit offers detailed monitoring, including dashboard data reading. VehicleTracker also offers continuous monitoring thanks to a backup battery that is recharged by regular driving.

TotalTracker is a “combination” of TotalFinder and VehicleTracker. The unit offers both a battery version with a battery life of several months (up to 1 year) and a fixed installation version with a backup battery for continuous monitoring and even more accurate data.

TotalTracker cable version is a compact GPS device with a battery life of up to 2 years with cable charging and easy magnetic installation.

ATEX certified battery unit for monitoring vehicles and heavy equipment.

The dumpster or the container is equipped with a low-cost Bluetooth sensor. The displayed position is based on its last pairing with the GPS device installed on the delivery vehicle.

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