Our Products

Battery GPS Trackers

Battery Trackers

Our battery trackers with a remarkable battery life of up to several years are independent monitoring devices offering versatile use due to their portability.

Hard-Wired GPS Trackers

Hardwired Trackers

Although hardwired trackers require professional installation, they offer unlimited monitoring with even more detailed data, including dashboard access or even remote engine shut off.

Rail cars monitoring devices

Smart Wagon Solution

We bring monitoring solutions for railcars without our own power supply. Take a look at our battery, solar-charged and even self-charging trackers specially designed for railway vehicles.

TotalFinder Solar

Solar Trackers

Thanks to solar charging, these units serve with minimum maintenance requirements and a long lifespan. In the event of a long-term lack of sunlight, they offer a backup option of charging via USB-C.

House Control Device

House Control

Turn your house into a smart house. With our solution, you will be able to remotely control air conditioning, heating, gates, monitor the movement of people or even identify entrants.

Positrex - The Tracking System

Platform Positrex

Positrex is our user-friendly but sophisticated system for variable electronic monitoring. Combining the platform with our tracking devices brings a unique solution offering a wide range of tools for the professional management of watched objects.