Railway Vehicles

Where is the wagon?

What is its exact mileage?

Is the wagon approaching the target station?

How can we avoid unnecessary downtime?

Are our rail cars used as efficiently as possible?

When is the next inspection of the rail car?

Are the tracks in good condition?


When we discussed with railway companies their main difficulties, they identified poor control over wagons, which are away from depots, often scattered across the continent, as a significant problem. In particular, the fact that they do not have their power supply complicates the possibilities of “normal” monitoring by units intended for fixed installation. Railway companies were looking for a solution that would track railway cars without their power supply throughout the cycle from maintenance to the next scheduled maintenance. That’s why we at LEVEL Systems set out to develop the high-capacity battery units of the TotalFinder series, which will be able to monitor cars for several years without the need to recharge the battery. Subsequently, we decided to push the boundaries even further with the development of maintenance-free AxleRing and TotalFinder Solar units, which can recharge themselves and thus greatly facilitate the work of vehicle administrators.

Využití Železniční vozy

Real-time tracking and unlimited logbook

Watch all your vehicles in real-time or review them retrospectively. Get notifications when entering or leaving set geofences.

Cargo hold conditions

Make sure the conditions in the cargo space meet requirements for carriage of certain goods. Watch the temperature, humidity, air pressure, shocks and other required values.

Damage prevention

Overuse of railcars, excessive speed, rail defects and other countless seemingly minor issues can eventually cost you a fortune. Our devices will help you to avoid such faults and save substantial but unnecessary costs.


  • GPS / GSM location
  • Electronic logbook
  • Geofencing with notifications of entering/leaving or failing to arrive
  • Overview of mileage through countries
  • Railway maps – distance calculation according to map data
  • Motion notifications
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity or air pressure
  • Speed information and limits
  • Monitoring of vibrations (rail defects)
  • G-shock detection up to 8G
  • Maintenance notification (km, date)
  • Low battery alert
  • Detection of device removal 

Recommended Products

Versatile locator with a battery life of up to several years on a single charge. Suitable for cars, vans and trucks.


ATEX certified battery unit designed for tracking railway vehicles and heavy-duty machinery. Thanks to the surface treatment by pouring, it is protected from dust, water and heat.


Total Finder X is a solar-powered independent GPS battery tracker for rail vehicles, cars, trucks, semitrailers, or containers.


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