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Wagon monitoring

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Atex certified battery monitoring unit for wagons and heavy machinery. Thanks to the encapsulated construction, the device is heat-resistant, dust-resistant as well as water-resistant. The primary battery in the unit lasts up to 12 years (depending on the tracing interval).


TotalFinder Solar is a solar-charged tracker designed for railcars, containers and semi-trailers. Thanks to its robust construction, the device lasts more than five years without any maintenance. The unit can also be charged via USB-C.


TotalFinder is a universal monitoring unit for railway and road vehicles. The device has a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of up to 4 years on a single charge.


AxleRing is our unique patented self-charging monitoring unit for railway cars without a power supply. In addition to GPS monitoring, it also serves as a control hub for external Bluetooth sensors that watch the bearing housing temperature or the environment in the cargo area.

We develop the future of
railcar management.

"The system has become indispensable and permanently increases the efficiency of logistics in transporting material and mechanization to our construction sites."
Richard cermak
Chief Technician - STRABAG Rail

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