Total Finder Industrial

Encased Heavy-Duty GPS tracker for long-term monitoring of outdoor objects such as railcars, heavy equipment or containers

GPS tracker for heavy equipment

TF Industrial is designed for tracking objects operated in inhospitable external conditions. Thanks to its encapsulation, the unit is dustproof, fireproof and waterproof. It also boasts a remarkable battery life of 12 years.



Have all information about your wagons and locomotives under control, in one place, anywhere and anytime. TotalFinder Industrial watches railcar location, internal or external environment, notify you of any issues and let you know when the car needs maintenance.

Agro and Construction Machinery

Make sure your heavy equipment works most efficiently. How long has it been used last week? Is it well garaged when not used? Does it need any maintenance in the upcoming days?


Watch any consignments - boxes, containers, trailers and other cargo. You can easily attach the device to any iron surface via strong industrial magnets or just put the tracker inside the box. Tracking of parcels has never been easier.


  • Real-time GPS tracking at the preselected time interval
  • Monitoring of temperature, acceleration, vibration and tilting
  • G-shock event reporting
  • Bluetooth 5.0 long range for external sensors (optionally)
  • Metallic plate holder for rivet installation
  • Battery life up to 12 years (6 positions a day)
  • 4G NB-IoT/Cat M1 connectivity
Total Finder Industrial

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