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Positrex))) is the last link in the chain of our complete product portfolio. Thanks to it, we can offer our customers a comprehensive electronic monitoring solution within one available platform, either as an online portal or mobile application.


The system enables its users to locate all tracked objects in real-time on the map, generate an electronic logbook, keep an eye on scheduled maintenance and fuel economy, evaluate driver behaviour, and watch other values such as temperature and humidity, tilt and vibration.

Screens of our electronic monitoring software for vehicles and rail cars
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All assets under control,
all in one place.

Positrex)))  will tell you not only where your objects are but also what they do and how they are treated.


The system automatically generates a logbook, tracks the current position and history of movement, speed, temperature, shocks and vibrations, and battery status. Hardwired units provide even more information directly from the vehicle dashboard.


Notifications from the system are sent in real-time directly to your phone or e-mail, so you have a perfect overview of all your objects within one platform.

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Mobile app

Online Portal

Are you missing some of the functions that are essential for the management of your objects? Then you came to the right place! In most cases, our team of programmers can create a custom function for you, modify the portal according to your needs, or remove the unnecessary ones.

Are you curious about how Positrex))) looks like? 

Take a free system tour and send us your feedback.

"Among the main reasons we have decided to use POSITREX as our freight wagons monitoring software are its user-friendliness, professional and flexible technical support, and the customer-oriented approach of a mid-sized family business."
Dimitris I. Kagioulis
General Manager

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