Platform Positrex

LEVEL Systems develops its own SW platform Positrex))) in which you can easily manage all your assets. Online access to all information – Logbook, Statistics, Analysis, Reports, Alarms, etc. Our platform is available as a web portal or mobile app in 16 languages. You can use your accounts 24/7 with no limits. It does not matter if you have personal car, fleet of vans, trucks or railway rolling stock.

Positrex))) is advanced GPS monitoring solution for tracking what moves your business. With us you know not only where your things are but also what they are doing and how they are being treated. You will see up-to-date localization of all your assets in real time.

Together with our GPS tracking devices and global connectivity we bring you an effective solution for monitoring of your assets. 


  • Unlimited Automatic Logbook – No more paper logs
  • Driver Assessment Tool – Watch employee’s driving skills and behaviour
  • Speed limits – notifications in case of speed violations
  • Anti-Theft Security – alarms in case of unauthorized movement, shocks or tilting
  • Geofencing – set your geofence anywhere on the map and get notifications when the watched object enters, leaves or doesn’t arrive in
  • Remote Unit Configuration


  • Reservation Tool
  • Real-Time Notifications (Push/E-mail/SMS)
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Accounts with editable user access levels
  • Maintenance Log
  • Fuel Consumption Log

Positrex))) system generates a logbook automatically, monitors current localization, speed, temperature and battery status. Units with fixed installation give you even more information about car diagnostics and other possible information available in your vehicle. Notifications from the system are sent in a real time directly to your phone or email, so you have a perfect overview of your fleet’s status.


You don’t need other systems anymore. Positrex))) records motion history and register all ongoing maintenance and fuelling costs.  We offer also a renting tool or a route planning feature.