Battery GPS devices - Level Systems
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Battery GPS devices

Our GPS units are designed for long-term monitoring of assets which does not have its own power source or for vehicles which are often changed and the portability of the GPS device is key feature. All functions are same, the difference is just the size of the unit and battery capacity. Battery life depends on the preselected time interval. Selection of the right device is based on what asset you need to track and how often you need the information. All devices carry IP65 and contains GPS and GSM modul, 3D G sensor, temperature sensor, air pressure sensor and rechargeable battery.


  • Location and tracking at preselected time intervals
  • Monitoring of vibration, tilting and acceleration
  • G – shock detection
  • Drivers behaviour
  • Monitoring of speed and direction of movement

  • Monitoring of temperature, air pressure and humidity
  • Charging by USB
  • Long battery life
  • Easy installation by extremely strong magnets (not valid for CompactTracker)


Universal GPS unit for long-term monitoring with extreme battery life and with easy and secure installation by strong magnets. For monitoring and tracking vehicles, wagons, containers, machinery and construction equipment, trailers and caravans.

Small and solid

Compact GPS tracking device for long-term monitoring with easy installation by strong magnets. For tracking and security of trailers, caravans, machinery and construction equipment. Also suitable as an independent GPS unit for the tracking  and security of vehicles and motobikes.

Small and compact

Small and compact GPS tracking device for long-term monitoring. For tracking and security of motorbikes, vehicles, parcels, gokarts, luggage, etc.