Car Fleet

Have a comprehensive overview of your fleet thanks to GPS monitoring. Create electronic logbooks, watch drivers behaviour, optimize business trips, get notified about scheduled car inspections and more.

Využití Nákladní vozidla


Track your trucks efficiently with GPS monitoring which ensures continuous tracking, automatically creates a logbook, monitors and evaluates driving patterns, keeps track of scheduled inspections and maintenance, and protects your truck from theft.

Využití Železniční vozy

Railway Vehicles

Operate your fleet of railcars smartly and efficiently. Monitor your railcars in real time or control conditions in the cargo area. Make the most of your transport capacity and avoid unnecessary costs.

Využití Zemědělské stroje

Agriculture Machinery

GPS monitoring offers farmers a great opportunity to keep track of their property in one place. Our locators will keep an eye on the machine, show you their location in real time, track the progress of the working day and alert you to scheduled maintenance.

Využití Stavení stroje

Construction Machinery

Do you need to know every movement of people or construction machinery in the construction area or whether the material has been taken to the right place? Thanks to our solution and our GPS units, you can have all the information you need from each machine in real time.

Využití Cargo


Track couriers or consignments. Use useful features to streamline delivery and communication between drivers and dispatchers. Enhance your customer service by sharing real-time information about the delivery of their parcels.

odpadove hospodarstvi level systems

Waste management

An affordable solution for your business to have a digital overview of the bins and containers distributed. Our solution helps waste management companies and municipal authorities track the movement of their assets, resulting in significant cost savings.

Cargo containers stored in transhipment station

Intermodal transport

The modes of transport change, but the GPS device remains on the container throughout the transport. Track the route of the containers, optimize the transport, inform the customer in time about his shipment, identify the carrier and thus determine the liability for possible damages.