TotalTracker cable version

Compact GPS unit designed for long-term tracking of semi-trailers, trailers, heavy equipment and locomotives

TotalTracker is a compact GPS  device with a battery life of up to 2 years with cable charging and simple magnetic installation. Thus, it is an ideal monitoring solution for semi-trailers and heavy equipment that will charge itself from the engine when it is on. When the engine is shut down, it keeps tracking powered by its battery. The solution thus offers unlimited monitoring with minimal maintenance requirements. It may help with predictive maintenance by the possibility to set  reminders based on distance traveled and machine hours.


Agro and Construction Machinery

Make sure your heavy equipment works on the most efficient manner. How long has it been used last week? Is it well garaged when not used? Does it need any maintenance in the upcoming days?


Watch your asset's location in real-time but also when there is no power connected. Set up your own geofence and get a notification in case of entering/leaving. Be informed immediately in the event of a collision, accident or towing of the vehicle.


Have all information about your wagons and locomotives under control, in one place, anywhere and anytime. TotalTracker watches vehicle location, internal or external environment, notifies you with any issues and let you know when the car needs maintenance.


  • Real-time GPS tracking at the preselected time interval
  • Digital outputs can be connected to a relay to enable remote immobilization 
  • Number of inputs/outputs for connection of driver ID reader, wired temperature sensors, panic button etc.
  • Monitoring of temperature and tilting
  • G-shock event reporting
  • Easy installation by powerful magnets
  • Charging via cable – the unit is charged from the power supply of the monitored object and tracks from its battery when the engine is switched off
  • Battery life up to 2 years (2 positions a day)
  • Dimensions – 120 x 80 x 24 mm
  •  Weight – 220 g

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