About the company


Developing both hardware and software under one roof allows us to respond flexibly to our customers’ suggestions and implement customized solutions.To stay one step ahead, it is necessary to invest in innovation and new technologies.


This enables us to offer you quality monitoring units with unprecedented battery life, monitoring accuracy and a wide range of applications. Nowadays hundreds of thousands of our monitoring units are used by companies across more than 30 countries worldwide.


Our headquarters, development, production and trade department have been located in Nachod in Czech Republic since its establishment in 1992. In 2017 we also opened a sales office in Prague.

4th generation of GSM / GPS / RF unit GC097 AxleRing - energy harvestor

3rd generation of GSM / GPS units GC77 / GC92 / GC95

2nd generation of GSM / GPS units GC72 / GC73 / GC75

GSM / GPS unit for railway wagons GC091

Monitoring platform Positrex

GSM / GPS device GC060

GSM surveillance GB050

GSM Gateway GB100 / GB200 / GB320

Programmable exchange boards KT200 / KT100

Programmable advertising boards RT064 and RT128

Intelligent battery charger for NB 00 radiostations

Establishment of LEVEL, s.r.o.