Intermodal transport

Is the container in the right place?
Which carrier is it currently with?
Is the container being tampered with?
How long has the container been in place?
What was the transport route of the container?


The modes of transport change, but the GPS device remains on the container throughout the transport. View all containers on a map, track their route, optimize the transport, inform the customer about their shipment on time and much more. Our solution helps you track the movement of your assets to optimize costs and clearly identify the carrier, thereby determining responsibility for any damage to the shipment.

Online tracking

Keep track of containers in our mobile app - their current position, route record or check the distance travelled. Receive notifications when a container enters or exits a specified area by setting geofences.

Smart security

Be aware of unauthorized container tampering. The GPS device allows for the detection of equipment removal or accident detection by recording both shock and tilt. In the event of an accident, it will allow the container to be located within 5 m.

Easy installation

Use in very harsh environments with IPX9 protection and a long battery life of up to 10 years allows industrial use of our GPS units. Easy installation with metal holder.

GPS container monitoring
Current position tracking
Route record – movement history
Distance travelled check
Shock and tilt detection
Battery charge indicator
Long battery life – up to 10 years
Use in harsh environments, IPX9 protection
Easy installation (metal holder)
Online monitoring – mobile app
Device removal detection
In the event of an accident, localization of the container at 5 m
Unique identification of the carrier

Recommended products

Universal GPS unit for long-term tracking with extreme battery life and easy installation with strong magnets.

Solar-charged GPS unit for unlimited tracking of railcars, heavy equipment, containers and trailers.

GPS monitoring unit encased in a protective case for reliable monitoring of objects operating in hostile conditions.

ATEX certified rugged battery unit for monitoring containers, railcars and heavy equipment with an unprecedented battery life of up to 10 years.

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