Agricultural & Construction Machinery

Where are my machines?

Is the excavator/tractor working?

How much work is done?

Is there a fuel theft?

When is the next maintenance check?


GPS monitoring brings a unique solution for farmers and agriculture companies to have all the necessary information about their machines and heavy equipment in one place. 

Our devices monitor 24/7, automatically create an electronic logbook, keep the maintenance log, and secure given object. Our battery trackers with extreme battery life offer long-term monitoring without any need for complicated installation or intervention in the machine’s construction.

Real-time location

Watch all your machinery in real-time. Get notifications when entering or leaving set geofence.

Effective supervision

Make sure your machinery works most efficiently. Have an unlimited electronic logbook, check the consumption and compare the reality with production plans.

Maintenance Log

Keep your maintenance log updated and get notifications about scheduled repairs and operations.

  • GPS / GSM location
  • Unlimited Logbook
  • Geozone with notifications of entering, leaving or failing to arrive
  • Overview of mileage through countries
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity or air pressure
  • Speed information and limits
  • Monitoring of vibrations
  • G-shock detection up to 8G
  • Maintenance notification (km, date)
  • Low battery alert
  • Detection of device removal from the asset

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