Cars & Trucks

Have a comprehensive overview of your fleet. Create electronic logbooks, watch drivers behaviour, optimize business trips, get notified about scheduled car inspections and more.

Railway Vehicles

Run your rolling stock management smartly and efficiently. Watch your vehicles in real-time, get rid of unnecessary costs, and prevent damages.

Agricultural & Construction Machinery

Make sure your machines have completed all tasks as scheduled. Operate smarter due to collecting of useful information. Save costs and work faster.


Family safety first! Make sure your kids are safe on a school trip. Share your location when travelling in unknown destinations. Bring the locator with you on a cycling trip and collect interesting data.


Track couriers or consignments. Use useful features to streamline delivery and communication between drivers and dispatchers. Enhance your customer service by sharing real-time information about the delivery of their parcels.

Smart House

Turn your house into a smart house. Just one device will help you remotely control heating, air-conditioning, gate, identifies incoming persons and warns you in case of fire or flood.