Transport and logistics

  • Where are my assets?
  • How many km has it gone?
  • Is the truck delivering material at the right place?
  • Is the driver resting/driving?
  • Is the truck approaching target station?
  • How can I know that drivers do not steal the fuel?
  • How can I inform the customer in right time?
  • Are my vehicles where it should be?


These and other questions are daily posed by transport and logistics companies. They need to know every move of their assets, if the drivers go by rules or if the goods were taken to the right place.


Thanks to the solution from LEVEL Systems you can have all necessary information in real time every day 24/7 from every asset in your fleet. We can tell you where the material was unload from the truck, if it was deliverd or stolen. We offer several types of GPS tracking devices which meet all your needs and you can manage all of them through our platform Positrex))).


  • GPS / GSM location
  • Detailed Logbook
  • Detection of unloading material from truck
  • Geozone with notofications of entering, leaving or failing to arrive
  • Analysis from geozones
  • Overview of mileage through countries
  • Fuel consumption
  • Motion notifications
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity or air pressure
  • Speed information and limits
  • Monitoring of vibrations
  • G-shock detection up to 8G
  • Maintenance notification (km, date)
  • Low battery alert
  • Detection of device removal from the asset
  • Navigation to the asset

Monitoring solution for construction companies is combination of the GPS tracking unit Total Finder or CAN Tracker and our monitoring platform Positrex))). Together it brings complete solution for whole industry. We are very flexible and we can prepare customized solution which will meet your needs.