Total Tracker

Compact GPS tracking device for long-term monitoring, USB or cable charging options and simple magnetic installation.


  • For the tracking and security of trailers, caravans, machinery and construction equipment
  • Also suitable as an independent GPS unit for the tracking and security of vehicles or motorcycles
  • Localization and tracking at preselected time interval
  • Monitoring of temperature, acceleration, vibrations, tilting
  • G-shock detection
  • Monitoring of analog input values
  • Monitoring of binary input state – on/off
  • Easy installation by extremely strong magnets
  • Option of screw fixed installation
  • Charging by cable
  • Battery life up to 24 months


  • Exact position of GPS satellite system
  • GSM cell ID and strength of GSM signal
  • Speed and direction of movement
  • Temperature, air pressure, humidity, altitude, humidity, altitude
  • Tilting – removal detection
  • Battery voltage and status
  • G-shock alert
  • Analogue input voltage
  • Binary input status
  • Vibration histogram and vibration frequency analyzes
TotalTracker is our middle size battery GPS tracker with a capacity of up to several months on a single charge.

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