Smart Wagon Solution


A unique self-charging monitoring & tracking unit for rail wagon axle.

AxleRing is a unique self-chargin GPS monitoring unit installed on wagon axle.


For railway wagon axles

Odometer counted by axle turns

Unique unit ID allows axle or wagon identification

GPS online tracking at 1min interval

Self-charging (patented energy harvesting)

Simple installation by connection around wagon axle

Overheating and vibration detection

G-shock detection

Axle blocking detection

RF sensor interface

Multisensor RF

Multipurpose wireless sensor for monitoring of many different values. It measures all the values in a preselected time interval and sends them to the AxleRing.

Multisensor is a tiny sensor able to measure a wide range of values.


Wagon bearing box Temperature sensor

Open / Close door sensor

Wagon loading Sensor

Axle rotation counter

Wagon accelerometer and crash sensor

Cargo hold temperature, humidity and lightening sensor

Incline sensor

Air preasure Sensor