SecurityTracker is a unique GSM / GPS communication unit which is used for monitoring and vehicle security. It is designed for hidden installation in a vehicle.



All data is stored in the unit memory and sent to the server for the further processing and displayed to users. The unit also supports communication by SMS and calling. These are used to send an alarm to the mobile phone of the owner or a security agency, or in the opposite direction to contact the vehicle or change the unit settings.


Constantly armed and the legitimacy of entrance to the vehicle is checked by asking for the presence of an access card. If an access card is not discovered within the range of the vehicle, the alarm is triggered via data packet, SMS or a telephone call. The range of the access card is approximately 10 metres and successful detection of the card is within 5 seconds.


Can be connected to a tilt sensor to detect attempted towing or jacking of the vehicle, and a spatial microwave for guarding the interior. There is also a bonnet sensor to protect the engine compartment and a shock sensor for an alarm in the event of an accident. The car alarm can activate the internal shake and set off an alarm if the GPS position of the vehicle changes.


Equipped with a panic alarm for manually calling and temporarily blocking the alarm. It can also be equipped with an immobiliser and fitted with an external battery back up. Through the alarmy system, you can also control selected features in the car, such as engine stop or the heater.


  • The presence of authorized identification cards
  • The status of the ignition
  • Type of journey or other digital inputs
  • GPS position, direction and speed
  • On-board voltage
  • Vehicle acceleration on 3 axis
  • Security sensors such as vehicle tilt or movement


  • 2x RF identification card with 10m range
  • External GPS antenna
  • Electrical installation accessories


  • Incline sensor
  • Type – Microwave motion sensor
  • Emergency alarm button with 2m cable
  • Bonnet switch
  • Crash sensor
  • Immobilization relay
  • Battery Backup 12 V