• Where is my bike?
  • How many km has it gone?
  • How can I share my location with my family or friends?
  • What if I will have an accident when I ride alone?
  • What is happening to my bike when I am not around?


Deluxe online monitoring will give you complete overview of your bike and its more efficient use. Effective security solution with fun factor. You can set up various alerts as needed and get them in real time. No installation is needed, just place the unit anywhere you need either by inserting it or attaching by strong magnet.


Special configuration for bikers which tracks in seconds will give you nice overview where did you go. You can share your favourite routes with friends. And if by an accident something wrong happened, your family will be informed and can save your life.


Thanks to the solution from Level Systems you can have all necessary information in real time every day 24/7. You can choose from two types of GPS tracking devices which meet all your needs and you can manage all of them through our platform Positrex))) which is available also through mobile app.


  • GPS / GSM location
  • Detailed Logbook
  • Crash alert
  • Geozone with notofications of entering, leaving or failing to arrive
  • Analysis from geozones
  • Overview of mileage through countries
  • Motion notifications – anti-theft
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity or air pressure
  • Speed information and limits
  • Maintenance notification (km, date)
  • Low battery alert
  • Navigation to the bike
  • Google Earth import

Monitoring solution for bikers is combination of the GPS tracking unit Total Tracker or Compact Tracker and our monitoring platform Positrex))). Together it brings complete solution for security and fun. We are very flexible and we can prepare a customized solution which will meet your needs.