Fair IFAT 2022

Fair IFAT 2022

Did you know 👉

Our company can bring also affordable solutions for dumpsters & roll-off containers? Our colleagues just arrived from IFAT 2022 event, Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management in Munich.

Our GPS devices allows digital overview of distributed dumpsters or roll-off containers. See all of them at once on a map, monitor their delivery, track drivers, plan returns and much more. Our solution helps waste management companies and municipal agencies track movement of their assets and therefore save costs. 📲


The monitored dumpster is equipped with our GPS Tracker TotalFinder device with industry leading battery life. It has special holder for secure installation.  🔧
The dumpster or roll-off container is equipped with a low cost Bluetooth tag. Location shown is based on its last pairing with the GPStracker installed on the delivery vehicle.