About the company


We develop both HW and SW within a single company, which makes possible to respond to the stimuli of using the product and to improve our solutions. We constantly think about the innovation and we are quick to adopt new technologies. Least but not last, we are very flexible and excited to design and develop customized solutions such as Traceplan.


Our headquarters and factory are located in Nachod in Czech Republic since establishment in 1992.

LEVEL Systems HQ in Nachod, Czech Republic

1992 - Establishment of LEVEL, s.r.o.

1993 - Intelligent battery charger for NB 00 radiostations

1994 - Programmable advertising boards RT064 and RT128

1995 - Programmable exchange boards KT200 / KT100

1997 - GSM Gateway GB100 / GB200 / GB320

1999 - GSM surveillance GB050

2001 - GSM / GPS device GC060

2005 - Monitoring platform Positrex

2007 - GSM / GPS unit for railway wagons GC091

2009 - 2nd generation of GSM / GPS units GC72 / GC73 / GC75

2015 - 3rd generation of GSM / GPS units GC77 / GC92 / GC95

2018 - 4th generation of GSM / GPS / RF unit GC097 AxleRing - energy harvestor